(Marine Sport & Out-door Activities)


I love catamaran boat sailing as well as any out-door activities, which will make my feeling healed and unwound.There are two options for the sailing which are catamaran boat sailing as a first and sailing cruiser as a second at this moment. But, I want to sail as fast as possible. Catamaran boat should be my choice for around the next 10 years at least which is the fastest sailing boat among all kinds of sailing boat. Also, region where I am living now has a lot of nice camping site which is great! I am surrounded by the beautiful ocean and mountains.

旅行 (Travel to All Over the World)


As I used to be hoping to be a pilot, now I love to travel all over the world. Fortunately, I have a chance to see many worlds through the work at this moment, which should be blessed thing. Any chances to touch the different world makes my view wider and wider, however in the meantime, makes me feel that I am still unmatured. If you ask me where I want to go for now, I would say national park of the western North America such as Canadian Rocky, Yellow Stone, Grand Canyon, and so forth would be the place to go. I also love to go to the beach resort such as Maldives.

音楽 (My favorite music)


I love the feeling of the smooth jazz sound, which will fits well to the urban atomosphere such as New York. Also on the contrary, I love to listen to the latin music such as salsa, bossa, and samba that has the nostalgic melody on the very strong percussion, which makes me feel very strong nostalgia.In one of my favorite country, Uruguay, I had a chance to visit to the market at the capital city, Montevideo. Local sprit, pinga and asado style barbecue there took me to the dreaming world. Comfortable sound of the bossa played nearby helped made my fealing healed. Everytime I hear the sound of the slow samba or bossa, I recall the good memory at the Brazil and Uruguay.